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Healthy Mind-Healthy Body: Making the Connection

More studies are needed, but some researchers suspect that bacteria and inflammation linked to periodontitis play a role in some systemic diseases or conditions. Likewise, diseases such as diabetes, blood cell disorders, HIV infections and AIDS can lower the body's resistance to infection, making periodontal diseases more severe.

Several studies link chronic inflammation from periodontitis with the development of cardiovascular problems. Some evidence suggests oral bacteria may be linked to heart disease, artery blockages and stroke.

People with diabetes often have periodontal disease. Diabetics are more likely to develop and have more severe periodontitis than non-diabetics. Some studies suggest periodontitis can make it more difficult for diabetics to control their blood sugar.

If you notice any of these signs, see your dentist:

  • Gums that bleed during brushing and flossing
  • Red, swollen or tender gums
  • Gums that have pulled away from your teeth
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Pus between your teeth and gums
  • Loose or separating teeth
  • A change in the way your teeth fit together when you bite
  • A change in the fit of your dentures

The mouth is a window into the health of the body. It can show signs of nutritional deficiencies or general infection. Systemic diseases-those that affect the entire body such as diabetes, AIDS and Sjogren's syndrome-may first become apparent because of mouth lesions or other oral problems.

The mouth is filled with countless bacteria, some linked to tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Researchers have found that periodontitis is linked with other health problems such as cardiovascular disease, stroke and bacterial pneumonia. Likewise, pregnant women with periodontitis may be at increased risk for delivering pre-term or low birth-weight babies.

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The Caregiver's Guide to Dental Health

Caring for a loved one is a big responsibility, especially when it comes to oral health. You can help make that responsibility a little easier. Click on the link below for the guide from the ADA:

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